How to Stop Hiccups – Easy Tips and Tricks to Try.

How to Stop Hiccups – Easy Tips and Tricks to Try. We’ve all had hiccups at one time or another, but how do you stop them? Usually, they go away on their own within a few minutes.

But when they start interfering with talking and eating, they can become a real annoyance. For some people, hiccups can last much longer than just a few minutes – they can go on for hours.

There are a few things you can try to get rid of hiccups:

  • – drinking a glass of water slowly, without stopping to take a breath
  • – holding your breath for as long as you can
  • – swallowing a teaspoon of sugar
  • – biting on a lemon

There are a lot of people who try out old wives’ tales in an attempt to get rid of hiccups.

Some people say that being scared can help, while others claim that drinking a sip of water does the trick. Unfortunately, neither of these methods actually work. Although there are some remedies that can actually provide relief.

Before we explore those options, it’s a better idea to understand the causes that can trigger hiccups.

Why Do Hiccups Happen? 

Hiccups are caused by an involuntary and unconscious spasm in the diaphragm – a very large muscle that assists you with breathing.

When the diaphragm spasms, the vocal cords snap shut from the sudden inhale, which results in the noticeable ‘hic!’ sound. If you’re wondering how to make them stop, read on for some tips.

Hiccups might not seem like a big deal to some, but they can actually be caused by certain lifestyle factors such as:

  • -Carbonated drinks
  • -Spicy foods
  • -Stress or excitement
  • -Eating too much or too quickly
  • -Changes in temperature

If you feel like your hiccups are caused by stress, your doctor might suggest an anxiety medication like alprazolam.

How to Get Rid of Hiccups

There are a few methods you can try at home to get rid of hiccups in 10 seconds or less. Give one of these a try the next time you find yourself with the hiccups!

  • -Drink a glass of water without stopping to breathe in between sips
  • -Swallow a teaspoon of sugar
  • -Bite on a lemon
  • -Drink a glass of ice water
  • -Pinch your nose shut and drink a glass of water without stopping to breathe

Posture and Breathing

Try these breathing and posture techniques next time your hiccups start.

Breathing into a paper bag: Take a paper bag and breathe in and out slowly. Deflate and inflate the bag.

Holding your breath for 10 seconds: Inhale a gulp of air and hold it for almost 10 to 20 seconds.

Things to Eat and Drink

There are a few different methods you can try to get rid of hiccups. One is to take a drop of vinegar on your tongue and wait for the taste to hit.

Another is to drink some ice cold water, which can help stimulate the vagus nerve and stop the hiccups. Finally, you can try taking a bit of honey and peanut butter and allowing them to dissolve in your mouth before swallowing.

There are a few things you can try if you’re looking for how to stop hiccups. Biting on a slice of lemon with a little bit of salt can help change the taste in your mouth and may just do the trick. Be sure to rinse your mouth afterward though, to avoid staining your teeth.

Another method is to take a small pinch of granulated sugar on your tongue and letting it sit there for 5 to 10 seconds. Again, swallow it afterward. This method is common for a reason – it works for many people!

You can also try drinking from the opposite side of the glass. Tilt the glass up under your chin and drink from the far side. This may seem silly, but it could just be the thing that does the trick.

Pressure Points

If the previous two techniques don’t work for you, you can try pressure points to get rid of hiccups. These are areas of the body that are sensitive to pressure and may help relax the diaphragm or stimulate the phrenic or vagus nerve.

To press your diaphragm: The diaphragm separates the lungs from the abdomen. To apply pressure to the diaphragm and hopefully stop hiccups, use your hands to apply pressure to the area that is just below the end of the breast bone (sternum).

Here are three things you can try to stop hiccups:

1. Pull out your tongue

This can help to stimulate the nerve muscles in the throat. To do it, hold your hand and gently pull out the tongue.

2. Squeeze your palm

Apply pressure to the palm of your hand using your thumb. This may help to ease hiccups.

3. Massage the carotid artery

There is an artery on each side of the neck called the carotid artery. You can find it by touching the neck. To massage it, lie down and turn your head to the left. Then, massage the carotid artery on the right side in a circular motion for 5 to 10 seconds

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