Angular: what makes it so good

Client-side programming has been gaining complexity and individualization for years. Accordingly, the requirements for web applications are higher than ever. One can even argue that web applications have already overtaken the complexity of desktop applications. For this reason, suitable frameworks are required that enable such an individual design. Consequently, one of the pioneers in the field of web development, Google, developed a suitable framework that can address the challenges of software development. Today, Angular is used to develop an entire platform for web applications.

To understand Angular, it makes sense to take a closer look at its predecessor AngularJS. Although the Google project is more than just a further development of AngularJS, many elements are still based on the predecessor. Currently, there is only the Angular project, which gets new features and breaks changes every six months, which then results in a version leap. Which types of web applications are more suitable for Angular? What are the benefits and drawbacks? Let’s try to make it clear.


So, it is a JavaScript framework for web and software development. It was created for developing single-page apps and was used millions of times for web application development. Great importance was attached to functioning structures and quality.

AngularJS enables efficient and maintainable software development based on JavaScript because it uses methods such as dependency injection and sophisticated tooling. Since 2009, it has been an open-source project which is designed for good testability. This provides an MVC/MVVM framework that supports bidirectional data binding.


This is the next and new version of the open-source framework AngularJS. In the beginning, it was still called Angular 2. But due to the confusion that it is not only a further development but a new type of framework of its own, the name has been changed.

The TypeScript language serves as a new code base. Many concepts of AngularJS were adopted. The fact that the basic idea and the concept remained largely the same allows a migration or even one-hybrid use of the versions.


  • Structure: the different components of Angular promote uniform use. The structures are similar to the software architecture, and developers can follow them instead of redesigning them repeatedly.
  • Clean code: the use of TypeScript allows the use of data types. This standardization reduces errors, makes the structure more obvious, and is easier to maintain.
  • Reusability & modularity: components and other components can be divided into modules.
  • Performance: Angular can compete in terms of speed and reliability with React and Vue.js.
  • Future security: since Google is behind the project, the development continues continuously.


  • Longer development time: compared to other frameworks, Angular needs more code. This is particularly evident with smaller apps.
  • Complexity: many developers find it difficult to get started due to some peculiarities. However, once these have been overcome, Angular offers a good learning curve.
  • Less support: because Angular’s development and project team is much smaller than its competitors, certain assistance is rather scarce.

As you can see, Angular is a good choice for your web app tech stack

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